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Communications Videos

Used mainly for internal communications, this is a great way to get a message out from the Chairman and far more likely to impart the details than a memo of the same content. How many employees are going to read a multi page statement?
“He has superb attention to detail, is an absolute expert in his field and consistently provides excellent results”. Laura Hogg, Norwich & Peterborough Building Society
We have produced a variety of communication videos for use with prison staff, building society branches, medical conference delegates and business seminars.  We can match the style of delivery to your audience.
“From the first stages of talking through the communications brief he understands what is needed and how best to deliver it in a way that is relevant for the audience”. Alison Toomey, Sue Ryder.
“I have worked with David on a number of projects and never been disappointed. Quick, quiet and professional, he puts our clients at ease in front of the camera”. Mike Holland, Metrix Marketing.
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