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The Process

When do we need to be involved?
It starts with a reason. 
Once you have a reason to produce a video we will be happy to talk it through with you. If you have an idea on how to communicate your message we will be able to guide you through the process to make it work. If you want us to, we can help with the idea and even write a script if necessary.
The most important thing is that once we know the message you need to tell your audience, we can make sure the content tells that story in the style agreed.
How much does video production cost?
Projects typically start at £1,000 and can go up to £10,000 plus depending on what is involved.
The budget required for video production in current times is far less than it was some years ago. With modern cameras, lighting and efficient post production technology it requires less people, less man hours and therefore less money to achieve a high quality result.
However, the price depends on the work involved and therefore the price for your project can only be established once the relevant work required has been established. If you would like us to work to a budget we can tell you what can be achieved for the money available.
We can often work on a fixed price so you know what you will pay from the outset.
What production value is necessary?
If your target audience is your own staff it might have a different value than your outward facing website video. We would help you establish a suitable production value by discussing the project at an early stage.
If your video warrants a high production value there are many filming techniques which can increase the quality of the film and perceived status of the company. These techniques involve additional equipment such as portable camera cranes and tracking devices, as well as the extra time to execute them.
How long does it take to produce a corporate video?
The simple answer is, how long do you need it to take? Some of the communications videos and live events are time critical and have to be completed within days or even hours.
Generally, once we have a green light to go ahead and the initial payment has been made, we can often make a start within a week or so. The time between the first and last filming event can have a big impact on the completion date. If we are waiting to film an interview that needs to be included, we can only complete the final stage of the post production process once it’s “in the can”.
When can we see the video?
Again the simple answer is, when do you need to see it?
In some cases (such as training videos) the client needs to decide which sections of video most accurately communicate the information, especially where there is a potential complacency issue. In such cases we provide a fast first edit to enable the client to give feedback and for the project to progress.
Quite often the client will see the finished result when the film tells the full story. Even at this stage any essential changes can still be specified.
Whatever your deadline, whether it be a product launch, trade show or new website, we will ensure you have the video to maximise your opportunities.
What if the video needs updating?
In the business world, companies, products and people are constantly changing. If enough has changed to require the video to be updated, this can often be done at a much lower price than the original production.




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